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  Next-Level Laser and Plasma Cutting  

   High-Definition Plasma plate and Laser sheet and plate processing all under one roof!  

   We are experts in plate processing and fabricating. Let us help you realize your next    

   project or program on-budget and on-time.  

  CNC Machining  

   When your job requires more than just thermal cutting.  

   Our in-house CNC machining capabilities can save you valuable time and money when your  

   plate or tube parts require additional processing such as threaded holes, precision bosses or   

   complete machining.

  Shot Blasting  

   With both hanger blast and tumble blast machines, your parts arrive clean!  

   Our parts and components will arrive scale and dross-free, ready for your follow-up processes.

   We are also happy to process parts from outside vendors.

And Much, Much More!

   From laser cleaning to powder coating to robotic wire bending, we do it!  

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