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About Us

This is Lee & Paulding Inc. a motivated company specializing in AR500 Steel Target manufacturing for the outdoors use. Owned and operated by product's manufacturing & design experts John Paulding and Xarrax Lee.  We strive to be industrious and innovative, offering our customers something they want, putting your needs at the top of our priority list. Together, John and Xarrax; research, develop and manufacture retail-ready products, mostly but not limited to outdoor and recreational uses.


The company is committed to keeping American Jobs in America, by NOT outsourcing any portion of the manufacturing, research and development steps to any overseas organization. By doing that quality is ensured in every step of the process and a great product can be brought to market 100% Made in the USA and possess the finest quality.


Today the company owns 3 other subsidiaries according to its specific line of products. First off is AR-MOR Targets , specialized in AR500 Steel shooting targets and accessories. REAL STEEL focuses on outdoor modular steel fire pits, and finally Thunderbolt Customs , inventors of the Little Sure Shot, the world's most versatile gun rest.

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2482 Klondike Road West Lafayette, IN 47906


Tel: +1 (618) 780 9812

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